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Blue Star 1.5 Ton R410A Inverter CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner

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It is not every day that a product comes to the market and changes the definition and convention of similar products and becomes a benchmark on its own. The Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner is one such product. Loaded with extra ordinary features this air conditioner is the answer to all your wishes that you might have had regarding a cooling device. Superior features like the I Feel technology hydrophilic blue fins evaporator turbo operation auto defrosting function etc. Make this air conditioner one of its kinds. This air conditioner is probably the first air conditioner which has two heat sensors. Conventionally all the air conditioning devices have just one temperature sensor on the indoor unit. This one has one additional censor on the remote handset. Thus no matter which corner of the room you are sitting at the device will sense which the most comfortable temperature is for you and moderate accordingly. Blue Star is one such company that has made a name for itself by innovating features that are way advanced than its competitors. However there is one thing the company does not compromise on and that is the durability of the product. This air conditioner comes with 5 years manufacturer warranty on the compressor. This warranty will be valid from the day you purchase this device at the best possible price from Snapdeal.

AC Type

The Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner is a split ac. Its suave looks make it perfect for all types of room decor. It does not take up too much space on the wall and being white in colour it goes well with all types of wall colours.

Power Consumption

In spite of being loaded with features the Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner runs on only 230 volts of power at a frequency rate of 50 Hz and a single phase power supply. The device owes this extra ordinary savings on the electricity bills to a special feature called the inverter technology. Due to the presence of this technology this air conditioner saves up to 30 percent more on the electricity consumption compared to other 5 star air conditioners.

Technology Used

This Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner runs on a special I Feel technology. This technology is an advanced technology and is the USP of this device. With the help of this technology you will be getting much more comfort as compared to other devices. Instead of just one sensor on the body of the indoor unit this particular device has two one on the indoor unit and the other on the elegant remote control device. Since it is a common human practice that the remote control is usually in the vicinity of the user with the help of the additional automated sensor the temperature will be moderated so the people in the room get the utmost comfort without having to manually adjust the device.

Hassle Free Operation

This Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner can be operated with extreme ease. The user manual is so detailed that it virtually will help you understand how to optimise the device. The device has long distance piping flexibility with the help of which the compressor can be placed far away from the indoor unit. The panels are easily cleanable. With the help of sleep mode you will get utmost comfort throughout the night without having to manually moderate the temperature. Even during the winters this air conditioner can be used as a heater and features like anti cool wind function makes sure that you get to operate the air conditioner in a hassle free manner no matter what the season is.

Remote and Front Panel Display

The remote control device provided along with the Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner is quite elegant. Since it has a sensor attached to it its design is slightly different than other conventional devices. However it is quite stylish as well as easy to understand. The LED display is in IDU and helps you to keep a tab on its running.

Auto Swing and Louver Movement

Being a split air conditioner this device has a horizontal louver which moves up and down as and when required. The auto swing technology ensures that the cool air is evenly distributed to all the corners of the room.

Compressor Type

The Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner comes equipped with a highly energy efficient rotary compressor. It also has a built in accumulator. This result in the optimum output even though the power consumption stays at a minimum.

Anti Bacterial Filter

In a world growing increasingly concerned about the pollution levels in the air this device comes as a sigh of relief. Its anti bacterial filter ensures that the air produced is not only cool but is pollution free and fresh as well.

Low Noise Level

The Blue Star R410A CNHW18RAF Split Air Conditioner might be a beast where performance is concerned but it is a silent one at that. It produces only 41 Db even when high. Thus the only way you will feel the presence of this air conditioner is when you feel its cool and healthy air.