Dell D2015 19.5 Inches Monitor

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Always prefer buying the best in business brands when it comes to electronics and what other better solution than Dell. If looking for a widescreen high resolutions monitor then Dell has just the right thing to offer you. Get the Dell D2015 50.8 cm Monitor that has a fullscreen size of 50.8 cm and fits perfectly on the desk. It has a sleek design and an LED backlight panel and comes with a 3year manufacturer warranty.Snapdeal offers a wide range of monitors with different specs in different price ranges so feel free to check their catalogue before narrowing down to the monitor you would like to purchase Get this reasonably priced monitor from Snapdeal at the best market price today and upgrade to not just a new monitor but a whole new viewing experience.

Display Screen

Enjoy a wide display of this 50.8 cm monitor that gives you a wider better view of your screen. A bigger screen has its own benefits as it lets you enjoy movies gaming and surfing or working like never before. The colour depth of the monitor comes out well and gives you an eyepleasing experience with less strain on the eyes.

HD/Full HD

Enjoy amazing screen display resolution with this HD monitor that has a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080. The Dell D2015 50.8 cm Monitor has a colour contrast resolution is at 30001 which guarantees to bring out the best colour contrast in for your movie gaming or work experience. The experience is overwhelmingly satisfying so youll know for sure that youve bought the best in your budget for the monitor. Gaming experiences especially are absolutely loved on this system and we couldnt agree more

Tilt Adjustability

When working adjust yourself to a comfortable position as you can adjust your Dell monitor to a preferable angle. The monitor has a view angle of 178 degrees horizontally and 178 degrees vertically. For adjusting the screen to your sitting position the Dell D2015 50.8 cm Monitor can be tilted to a maximum 5 degrees forward and 21 degrees backward as desirable so sit back comfortably for one of the best viewing experiences in your life.

Connectivity Ports

For Input video compatibility connect the Dell D2015 50.8 cm Monitor with Analog RGB DSub1. This video compatibility feature helps brings out an amazing image output on the screen. There are approx 16.7 million shades of colours that the screen displays.

Power Features

Entailing a power supply of AC 100 240 V 50/60 Hz this power saving monitor demands a power consumption of typical 17 Watts and less than 0.5 Watts.


This sleek monitor has been given a standard yet slender dimension which is highly preferable in todays times of slim screens and light weight computers. The widescreen monitor by Dell has the dimensions of 347.4 x 468.3 x 167.3 mm and weighs approx 2.87 kg.


The Dell D2015 50.8 cm Monitor comes with a guaranteed warranty of up to 3 years as sustained by the manufacturer so you dont have to worry about any kind of damages because theyre covered for.